What’s going on below the football grass pitch? Grass heating – a current topic during the European championship in France

During the European championship many people are probably interested in the matches on the football field. But do you already know what is below the football grass pitch?

Roland Mueller, our warehouse clerk, came up with a sparkling idea. I will build a model so we can demonstrate clearly how a grass heating works and which WINKLER TECHNIK product can be used for it… He takes mounting rails, pipes, sand, soil, grass, ball, goal and “football players”. Done. The model is finished (see picture below).

And this is how it works: A pipe network is installed below the pitch similar to an underfloor heating installation. In case of need you can pass a mix of water and anti-freeze through the pipes to regulate the temperature. This is enough for defrosting or to keep it free from snow and ice during the cold time of the year.

Advantages: The football players can play football and train all-the-year. There is less risk of injury for the sportsmen. By the way: the grass heating is even stipulated for the stadiums of the first, second and third German Soccer League by the German Football Assosiation (DFB – Deutscher Fussball Bund).

WINKLER TECHNIK wishes all fans a good time during the European championship. Hopefully there will be fair matches that will excite the fans all over Europe and all over the world!