Regional trainee support

Last month, a WINKLER TECHNIK staff delegation (Anatol Stein, Hedi Geiselhart and Bernd Picker) headed to the „Zeppelin-Gewerbeschule“ in Konstanz  (a technical vocational training school) across the Lake Constance.

At this school they are educating “systems mechanics” in the field of sanitary / heating / climate. The duration of the training is 3,5 years. One of the topics during the second training year is the underfloor heating.

As we are the world leader in the sector of fastening technology for underfloor heating pipes for more than 30 years, we wanted to show young craftsmen the variety of installations. We organized an information event and presented them in particular the U-rail or “WINKLER TECHNIK rapid mounting rail”.

We showed the trainees the different types of surface regulation (heating and cooling systems) fastening technology, explained the advantages and demonstrated practical examples of use.

Photo: Bernd Picker (left) and Anatol Stein (right) of WINKLER TECHNIK demonstrated the rail


 WINKLER TECHNIK provided the corresponding  rails, pipes and accessory. Then the prospective systems mechanics had the opportunity to test how easy and safe it is to install the pipes by using a rail.

It was a great pleasure for us to pass on our professional experience and our expert knowledge and we would be happy if they can benefit from this knowledge in their working life.