Good Reasons for Choosing our U-Rail

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"complete installation of an underfloor heating"

These are the top advantages:

+ The installation is easy. You only need one person who lays down the rail and the second

   one presses the tube into the rail. Ergo: low wage costs!

+ You can fix the U-Rail on all kind of undergrounds: on wood, on gravel, on concrete, on

   insulation and on wire mesh. It is even possible to fix it with an adhesive tape!

   With the WINKLER TECHNIK U-Rail you are free to choose your favourite system and you   

   do not depend on one system, as is the case for example with the hook-and-loop


+ It is very often used in the panel heating sector because you do not need additional tools

   for the installation. The” WINKLER-TECHNIK” U-rail is particularly suitable for the 

   “zigzag- installation” which is one of the fastest way of installation.

+ It is almost possible to install it while standing upright. You can press the tube in the rail

   with your foot.