ISH preview

It is our vision that anyone can benefit from the comfort of a surface regulation worldwide. We are not finished with our work as long as there are still construction places for example a basement without a heating system.

We will put our focus on the fastening technology for the underfloor heating increasingly. Although it is obvious for most people that it is necessary to fix a pipe but there are a lot of tasks regarding this topic - even more than most expected.

The motto of our ISH booth is “education”. We put our emphasis on the fixing of tubes by using our “basic product” our so-called “rapid mounting rail” or the original “Winkler Technik Rapid Mounting Rail”.

We would like to invite you to take part at our daily mounting marathon. The motto is “The quickest wins”. We will show how quick you can mount a pipe by using the “U-Rail”. The participant with the day’s best time will win a high-quality present.

We invite all ISH visitors who would like to test their pipe fixing speed. We are looking forward to welcoming numerous visitors! Hall 6.0 booth D81.