The Winkler Technik Original U-Rail

We supply this product for more than 30 years and we offering  a great expertise. It is the primary product of our company and a continuous bestseller !

Therefore it is so important that we enhance it consequently and we try to implement all customer demands if possible.

What are we doing? We would like to introduce you that in several editions of our newsletters.

At the moment we are investing in the production technology bit by bit because within the last years there was a steadily growing demand on uniform cutting to length.

What is the purpose of a uniform cutting-to-length of the rail and what does that mean exactly?

We are talking about a uniform cutting-to-lengh when the 2m bars of the rail always begins and ends exactly at the same point and it is millimeter accurate. Therefore it is possible to press in the pipe at the same point when you string together the bars parallel. Annoying adjustment of the 2 m bars is not necessary and it is possible to economize a big part of the installation time.

Please have a look at this panel heating picture of our customer “WEM”. It shows that the rail always begins and ends at the same point. Therefore it is possible to simply mount it one upon the other without thinking. Thereby you can save precious time.

An additional advantage is the material  saving because the rail is not too long and therefore you do not have to remove excess material (by the way you can break the Original Winkler Rail by hand i.e. you do not need any tools ;-)).

This product request demands a lot of know-how and causes expenses therefore we can do that only step by step until we have modified the most common rails completely. Either we have to fix an extensive “guillotine” (cutting tool) at the extrusion machine or we must buy a completely new die-cutting-machine, which causes a rebuilding of the periphery (i.e. new supply pipes for the extruder). Of course there is also a demand for the usual rail which is one of our topics in the next newsletter.