eco-friendly rail



The original Winkler Mounting Rail – from the beginning made of eco-friendly recycled material

Also we have always been ecology-minded since the invention of the original Winkler Technik Mounting Rail (first patent application at the end of the 1970’s!). Why this? Your Winkler Technik Mounting Rail has always been produced by using recycled material, this means is being used a second time. Something which was part of another product in the past is being re-used. Thus we contribute enormously to reduce piles of rubbish and the pollution of the oceans.

The „re-incarnated“ Mounting Rail has already held out against enormous environmental strains in its former life and proved its skills.

Sometimes our customers ask us if we are able to produce the original Winkler Technik Mounting Rail in a „uniform color”. However, since the first delivery the color has differed due to the use of recycled material – depending on the quantity and type of the material recycled. The color itself does not have the slightest influence on the features of the material, so Dr. Winkler, (who invented the Rail).

The material was chosen the way that all the well-known characteristics of the Rail, namely „breakable by hand and without using a tool“, the „patented resilient slit” and the temperature resistance are respected.

“Corporate Identity“ is very important for some of our customers and, therefore, it is possible to produce almost in any preferred color. Even if the underfloor heating is going to disappear in the ground they do not discuss about this investment and are prepared to pay a small additional charge.

Furthermore, the Winkler Technik Rails brings more benefit than monetary value. Quick and high quality deliveries guarantee growth also for your company.