The Winkler Technik Quality Management




The quality-management-standard ISO 9001 is nationally and internationally the most common and most important standard. Winkler Technik positions itself very closely to the standards of ISO 9001. Our high quality-requirements for products and services benefit from the efficiency and effectiveness of ISO 9001.


The certified quality management professionals "QMF TUV", Michele Bernhard and Dirk Baur, are responsible for the implementation and maintenance of our ISO architecture. Furthermore, Saskia Winkler-Schoepf as a member of the management and QMF TUV, supports this process as well.


With the definition of a main process, all internal processes were listed and presented by process instructions, starting at customer acquisition, shipping samples, customer orders, processing orders up to incoming payment. Individual processes were broken down, analyzed and incorporated into the Winkler Technik main process.


Another important point to following the ISO 9001 was in addition to the existing employee handbook, the creation of a quality manual. This is the central document of the QM system. Amongst others it contains the Winkler Technik quality policy, quality objectives, the values, as well as the description of the structure and process organization. It presents our reference book.


By means of internal audits, processes are evaluated in regard to compliance with requirements and guidelines, which thus should lead to continuous improvement of the Winkler Technik quality management system.