Winkler wins


Winkler Technik receive the growth champion award!


The Winkler Technik GmbH with their headquarter in Überlingen received the "growth champion 2013" award in April this year. This award is given to companies that grow stronger than their competitors. In order to contend for this award you have to reveal the company’s success factors. By doing this they serve other companies by inspiring them.

The Winkler Technik GmbH is specialized in HVAC technology and product sales. The company offers a wide range of applications in the field of HVAC technology, e.g. floor heating systems for central market-halls, snow-melting-systems for garage entrances as well as surface heating for airport runways. 

With the innovative and as patent registered under-floor heating system for tents, we have successfully entered a new technical field. This product can replace the environment damaging heating mantles. From the beginning there was a high demand for this product, explains Alexander Winkler on the company’s latest achievement.

With more than 100 years experience in engineering and numerous patents, the family company has become a global market leader. The products of Winkler Technik are now used in over 30 countries.

With their sustainable form of corporate management and the willingness  to act as role model, the company has fulfilled both conditions for the prize. Therefore the company received the "growth champion in 2013" award.

The prize is awarded by Kalkbrenner Consulting to persuade companies to deal with the issue of "above average growth" strategy and identify ways in which this can be achieved. The basic idea of this prize originates from the book by Roland Alter and Christian Kalkbrenner "The growth champions", which was awarded the book of small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) from 2010.