Winkler Technik wins

Extraordinary Ingenuity at Winkler Technik

Extraordinary Ingenuity at Winkler Technik 


The CEO's Saskia Schöpf and Alexander Winkler receive the award from Lothar Späth 

Winkler Technik GmbH of Überlingen, Germany has been awarded the "Top 100" Seal of Approval. Mentor Lothar Späth congratulates.

Überlingen Only creative companies with a broad perspective and a sense for innovation make it to the league of the 100 most innovative medium sized companies. Winkler Technik is one of the companies to receive the "Top 100" Seal of Approval in 2011, which was awarded to the company by Lothar Späth at a ceremony in the Baltic resort Warnemünde.


Innovative installation technology for underfloor heating systems and sanitary facilities is the specialty of this medium sized company from the Lake Constance area. The company may be the world market leader, but the competition won’t be caught napping, which is why the company’s top management team is promoting an innovative atmosphere and the creative potential of its 20 employees. As much as 60% of working hours are reserved for innovations, though this figure varies from department to department. The result: 15 suggestions for improvement per employee per year. These new ideas are evaluated by management together with the marketing and technology departments in a monthly innovation meeting. The decision is made following a careful analysis of the development time, production costs and market chances associated with the idea. A radical innovation may very well be the end result: This was how the seemingly crazy idea to replace the widely-used but inefficient patio heaters with mobile floor heating came up during a coffee break. This new product is now patent pending. The Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (Vienna University of Economics) reviewed the innovative behavior of 272 medium sized companies in Germany over several months. The 100 best, which included Winkler, are allowed to carry the seal of approval for one year. “Creative ideas and fresh thinking are more than just a means of increasing our revenue. We bring real passion and a desire to change things to our work,” explains company manager Saskia Schöpf, “We are proud to receive this award. It shows that there is a reward when we all work together,” adds company manager Alexander Winkler.


The 100 medium sized companies carrying the seal of approval in 2011 achieved a combined revenue of 11.2 billion euros in the previous year. 769 new national and 1,865 new international patents were registered in 2010 alone. 48 of the 100 companies are branch leaders in Germany, 19 are even world market leaders. In the past three years 88 of the 100 companies to receive the seal beat their branch average for growth by 16% on average.

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The Mentor

Lothar Späth is the mentor of the project.

The Scientific Direction

Dr. Nikolaus Franke headed the scientific direction of the project. He is a professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien. The focus of his research is on entrepreneurship, innovation management and marketing. He is one of the world’s leading experts for user innovation.

The Organizer: compamedia GmbH, Mentor of the Best Medium Sized Companies

compamedia GmbH organizes benchmarking projects for medium sized companies. The companies recognizes and supports companies that perform extraordinarily in the fields of innovation, personnel management, consultation and value management with its national company comparisons TOP 100, TOP JOB, TOP CONSULTANT and ETHICS IN BUSINESS.


The Cooperation Partners

The project partners are the German Association for Medium Sized Businesses (BVMW); the Fraunhofer Society for the Promotion of Applied Research; the RKW Rationalization and Innovation Center of German Industry; SchmidtColleg; the German Commission for Electrics, Electronics and Information Technology (VDE); and the consulting firm Weissman & Cie. The Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper is the media partner of the project.