Visit of the Minister for Economic Affairs

Mr. Ernst Pfister, Minister for Economic Affairs of Baden Württemberg visited Winkler Technik in January 2011


Minister confirms support for company from Überlingen

The Winkler staff formed a guard of honour during the Minister of Economic Affairs Ernst Pfister's (second from left) visit to the company. He was accompanied by Hans-Peter Wetzel (FDP), member of the Baden-Württemberg regional parliament.

Pfister promised support for the company's launch plans:

The Ministry of Economic Affairs had, he said, come up with programmes to support companies in product development.

Saskia Schöpf, Dr. Winkler's daughter (second from right) explained that the company, which specialises in fastening technologies for the underfloor heating and sanitary industries had secured a second line of business thanks to its focus on innovation. She continued that industry competition was fierce and that cheap copies of the company's products always followed hot on the heels of the originals.


reference: Südkurier






Südkurier, 1st February 2011

The Minister of Economic Affairs, Ernst Pfister, visited Sipplingen, Salem and Überlingen. Among the topics discussed were a new cycle path for Sipplingen and Salem's ambition to receive the administrative status of county centre.

A red carpet. Staff forming a guard of honour. Festive music. An apple princess at either side. Baden-Württemberg's Minister of Economic Affairs, Ernst Pfister (FDP), was royally received during his visit to Überlingen, Salem and Sipplingen, accompanied by Hans-Peter Wetzel (FDP), member of the regional parliament. ‘I feel as if I am on a state visit', he says during the course of the three receptions.

The Minister visits the Winkler company in Überlingen and is shown their newest development.